Ever since Lou was a young boy in Northern Ontario he's enjoyed the great outdoors.  He loves going on hikes and kayaking and, most of all, loves the animals he encounters along the way, large and small.  He has a quick eye to detect any movement and can spot these "friends" right away.

Lou has been a wildlife carver for over 25 years and he has won many awards for his work.

His carvings reflect his love of nature and its wonderful diversity.  Inspiration can come from a fallen leaf, a sleeping raccoon on a tree branch, a bobbing goldfinch flying by, a chipmunk sitting on a log, a beautiful deer running across a trail or a majestic stag standing tall on a distant hillside.  He loves to sit on a log and watch them go about their business.  Most often, even if they are aware of him, they sense his caring interest and continue with their task.  He calls them all his "little buddies".

His greatest satisfaction comes from capturing the pure essence of each animal and its personality and his work shows his great love for them.